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3 Project Management Trends That Are Here to Stay

The project management industry has greatly changed with the growth of technology and automation advancements. Companies constantly seek fresh solutions to make their projects succeed and evolve. This makes project managers need to adopt their chosen strategies, tools, and methods when it comes to something new. These changes don’t seem to lose their popularity so it’s essential to find new trends and go with the flow. 

What are some evolving project management trends to keep up with? There’s so much information that it’s hard sometimes to be in the know of things and adopt them. 

Three major project management trends to follow

With the growth of technology and artificial intelligence, it’s more than necessary to consider a lot of things and adjust project management methods to those new things. This article will discuss the three major trends that project managers should follow. 

1. Emerging AI and automation options

These days, no industry can grow and evolve without automation. Artificial intelligence has changed a lot of the things, methods, and approaches project managers used to take into something new. First and foremost, it’s important to talk about how AI has changed task management. By integrating it, companies can avoid human errors and manage project tasks more effectively

Many online marketing jobs for students now require young professionals to have at least some knowledge about automation and technological advancements. This means that shortly AI will greatly emerge and influence the project management industry. 

2. Popularity for hybrid workflows

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way companies treat workflows. Essentially, many teams have switched to the remote method of working. Others have chosen another option which is the hybrid workflow. Most parts of any project can be done remotely and don’t require the physical presence of specialists. When companies hire a project manager, it’s important to discover how flexible they are regarding the working environment to avoid issues later.

The hybrid workflow model allows companies to bring all the tasks, teams, and methodologies together in one spot. One of the most effective options is the Agile methodology for project managers, which helps mix up different working styles, provides more engagement, and improves overall efficiency.

3. Better project management tools and platforms

Today’s technology allows project managers to integrate various tools for automation and a better project workflow. Whether they need to hire an eCommerce developer to build a website or create a marketing campaign with the team, thousands of platforms and software are available to make such processes more manageable. This software helps project managers plan, track, and execute different tasks and workflows. Some even have additional features for time management, employee satisfaction, budget planning, etc. 

In addition, project managers can use these tools to gather any essential data and use it for future analysis. This, in its turn, makes further projects more precise and data-based. 


Technology trends are here to stay, especially regarding important business operations such as project management. While some things can be done traditionally, it’s always good to follow industry news and automation changes to better control existing and future projects. 

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