Latest Mercedes-Benz Innovations Which Improve Drivers Safety

You may have heard about the PRE-SAFE(r), Active Brake Assist, and Night view assist, but are you familiar with the other innovative safety features offered by Mercedes-Benz? Read on to find out more about these innovative safety features. Whether you’re traveling by car or on foot, these innovations have helped improve driver safety in many ways. For example, flashing brake lights have become a standard feature on Mercedes vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Innovations Which Improve Drivers Safety

1. PRE-SAFE(r)

A number of innovative new features and technologies are part of Mercedes-Benz’s ongoing commitment to improving the driver experience and preventing accidents. For example, PRE-SAFE, a system that detects critical driving situations, automatically closes the side windows during skids and supports the windowing in rollover and side impacts reduces the risk of occupants being thrown out of the vehicle.

The first stage of PRE-SAFE Brake is an automatic emergency braking maneuver designed to reduce impact energy. Future Mercedes passenger cars will incorporate video-based assistance functions. These systems utilize cameras embedded in the windshield to monitor the road in front of the car and identify pedestrians and cyclists. These images will be evaluated in real time by powerful computers and will provide early warning when a potential collision is imminent.

2. Active Brake Assist

The Active Brake Assist (ABS) system in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will enhance the braking force when there is a danger of a frontal collision and will intervene if the driver fails to react. The system uses a stereo camera radar to monitor surrounding traffic and cross-traffic intersections. It will also use the lane departure warning to warn the driver of an impending collision.

It will be used in Mercedes-Benz’s commercial vehicles. Its developers have been recognized for their achievements in advancing driver assistance technologies. These systems provide enhanced comfort and convenience for drivers. They can also issue warning signals and improve the driver’s reaction times. While some systems do nothing to avoid accidents or minimize the severity of accidents, others will correct the driver’s actions. In the future, it will be possible to install autonomous braking systems in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

3. Night view assist

Active Night View Assist Plus is a new safety feature that detects pedestrians in front of the vehicle. The system then turns on a spotlight to alert the driver and any pedestrians nearby of the car’s approach. A recent study has shown that pedestrians are aware of the spotlight’s function and are thus less likely to hit a vehicle. However, other road users are not dazzled by the illumination.

The technology works by analyzing the driver’s behavior and detecting fatigue and enhancing safety. It is particularly useful during long monotonous journeys where attention may be lost. The system can be switched on and off via the assistance systems menu located on the instrument cluster. The system can issue warnings at speeds of 80 to 180 km/h. The driver can select whether the warnings should be displayed to alert them or to stop them from moving further.

4. Digital surfaces

The introduction of new technologies that enhance safety and help prevent collisions is a key part of Mercedes-Benz’s safety-research strategy. One such innovation is the DIGITAL LIGHT system, which makes completely new assistance functions possible. The DIGITAL LIGHT system, for example, projects a symbol of an excavator onto the road surface to alert drivers to stop signs, no-entry signs, or traffic lights. It can also warn drivers of dangerous conditions ahead, such as slippery road surfaces or narrow lanes.

The data derived from these systems will be used to develop new digital solutions for a variety of road traffic challenges, including pedestrian and cyclist safety. By collecting this data, Mercedes-Benz has an unprecedented amount of information at its fingertips to help make roads safer. The data is anonymous and will be used to develop new digital solutions to challenges on the road. As a result, these technologies will help drivers make informed decisions about their safety.

5. Pre-Safe Curve

The Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe Curve system enhances driver safety by automatically braking the car when a collision is imminent. It also includes additional safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and video-based assistance functions. A camera mounted inside the windshield monitors the road in front of the vehicle and can recognize pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic signs. A powerful computer evaluates the images in real-time to warn the driver of impending danger.

The Pre-Safe system also has an automatic braking system that responds to vehicle instability. It automatically tightens the front seat belts, adjusts the passenger seat, and closes the windows, sunroof, and windows to reduce the force of door impacts. It also helps minimize exterior debris entering the vehicle and protects the occupants during a collision. It also reduces the likelihood of occupant ejection, which is especially important during an impact.

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