Sea and mountains: 5 best places to diversify your trip by Yurovskiy

The traveler is often faced with the choice of what to prefer: the sea, mountain scenery, cozy towns with colorful streets and markets, captivating safari. But everything can be combined! The main thing is to choose the right time and place, and you can get a more interesting trip for almost the same money.

According by expert Юровский Кирилл Борисович

Morocco: The Bazaars of Marrakech and the Serene Surf of Essaouira

Marrakech with its colorful bazaars is undoubtedly one of the most colorful cities of Morocco. However, to experience its color, taste the mint tea and delicious Tagine, buy trinkets and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the carnival, a few days is enough.

And just three hours from Marrakech is its complete opposite – Essaouira. The Atlantic, surfing, French cuisine and the freshest seafood is all about a bohemian vacation in this Moroccan city. Want to invest in resort housing? 

Montenegro: rafting on a mountain river and a Mediterranean vacation

Montenegro is the perfect place to combine sea and mountains, and rafting on the turquoise river Tara is the perfect start to the journey. First you need to get to the town of Zabljak, which is a center of mountain tourism. And then what you can imagine: hiking in the mountains, hiking to one of the 18 glacial lakes, exploring the national park Durmitor and its surroundings.

And after such an experience, you can relax in the old town of Kotor, enjoy its medieval architecture and stroll along the promenade. And it’s better to get from Zabljak by rented car or by bus, because you can enjoy the view outside the window, where instead of green hills with small farms you will see stone buildings and the shimmering dark blue Adriatic Sea.

Kenya: not only safari, but also rainforest

Of course, Africa is primarily associated with wildlife. Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is spoiled for entertainment, but the most impressive thing that Kenya is all about is the Great Migration. Since midsummer, some two million zebras, gazelles and antelopes have been fleeing the drought in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park. And, it seems, what could be better than seeing a herd of wild animals? But no, the spectacle doesn’t end there: the herds are chased by predators. So here you can witness a real fight between a lion and an antelope and see with your own eyes how fast the cheetah catches up with its prey.

And for those who do not want to be limited to safari, you can go to the mountains of Kenya, where you can see the rainforests and waterfalls. It is simply magical here if you rent a hotel room that is right next to the reservoirs where the wild animals come to drink water.

USA: Spain and France at heart

Northern California is incredible, its landscape changing every minute. San Francisco is especially beautiful: the marina, the fishing pier and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. But after exploring the popular attractions, you can head to the Mission District and see Mexico! A true Hispanic neighborhood, here you’ll find museums packed with Hispanic collections, well-loved restaurants serving Tacos, tortillas, and salsa, and building facades painted by street artists.

And after the expressive Mission District, head to Napa Valley, which is only an hour from San Francisco. A walk through the vineyards, orchards and a tour of the wineries is the best way to end the trip. Napa’s grape farms were founded by Franciscan monks centuries ago, and the wine here is still excellent today.

Australia: Asian exotics and a trip through the desert

In Australia, you can find a slice of Asia and a drive through the desert. In the north of the country is the city of Darwin, which looks more like Southeast Asia than Australian cities. It’s a city of art, markets, and multicultural food. Taste Malaysian laksa and drink it with tropical juices to live music on the city beach.

Then explore the desert and see Mount Uluru, sacred to Australian Aborigines. It is really impressive: a giant massif of red sandstone and all around is a desert plain, which has no end in sight. Besides Uluru, there are tours led by rangers who will tell you about the geology, wildlife, and plants of Australia, and even show you the ancient cave paintings.

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