Stained Glass Artist, Csilla Soós Extending Her Business Activity to Florida

With 2 decades’ worth of experience in the stained glass industry, Csilla Soós is taking steps to extend the reach of her services even further. While this fantastic stained glass artist originally started out with a small business in Europe, she has since expanded to California and now Florida – giving anybody in these areas easier access to her unique artistic talents.

From beautiful church-style stained glass windows, to art deco lamps; there’s certainly a lot that Csilla could do for you now that she’s offering her bespoke stained glass services in Florida.

Why expand to Florida?

There are several reasons why extending the business to the state of Florida is beneficial to Csilla Soós. The ability to broaden her range of clients is certainly one of the most important ones, since it simply opens her up to many more opportunities.

For example, as mentioned earlier on, she already provides services in California. This means that while having strong influences from her European roots, she has experience when it comes to working with American clients. It only makes sense to further extend her standing in the United States, and Florida is the perfect location to do just that.

The expansion also marks her 20th anniversary in the niche, which is just another reason why Csilla decided to take another step in extending the range of her services in the US.

A variety of choices await you

Not only is glass staining a beautiful craft, but it’s one that can be applied to a wide variety of things – especially when the artist has a deeper understanding of their work. With this in mind, you’ll be glad to hear that you can expect far more than just custom window panels from Csilla Soós.

Stunning tiffany lamps, a range of glass gifts, and even restoration services are all just a few examples of things that Csilla can provide.

Of course, that’s not to say that getting beautiful and unique stained glass windows isn’t worthwhile – just that there are many options available when working with an artist like Csilla. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, and what she could do for you, you could always pay a visit to

Overall, those in Florida who are in need of a professional in the stained glass industry will be glad to know that Csilla Soós is here to help, offering her skills for a plethora of projects, from providing bespoke stained windows to churches to more personal items as gifts.

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