Common Signs It Might Be Time to Change Your HOA Management Company

An HOA management company is an important part of the neighborhood, but it doesn’t last forever. As time goes on and the company changes its policies, residents can wind up feeling like they have been slighted. However, just because the HOA management company has changed doesn’t mean you can’t change it back again! 

Every few years there are plenty of opportunities for residents to review their association’s bylaws and to potentially change out faulty or restrictive ones with better ones that benefit them more. There are several phoenix hoa management companies for you to choose the most suited one for you. So, if you see some signs, don’t be reluctant to change the company.

Here are some common signs that say it is time to change your HOA management company.

  • Poor communication

One thing a good HOA management company should have is good communication. There are times when a management company may fail to communicate properly with the residents and this will be a sign that the management company is not up to par. Communication is a key component to consider while choosing HOA management companies.

  • Failure to complete a project

Another sign that a company is not up to par can be when you want the management company to complete a project but they fail to do so. What you want from a company is to complete the project on time and within budget. This will show you if their marketing tactics are effective as well.

  • Improper execution of compliance drives

There are times when there are compliance drives for your community. You want to make sure that the HOA management company is following the proper procedures when it comes to compliance drives. If they are not doing this, their tactics may be faulty or they may have improper procedures in place. This can cause them to waste money and make you pay an arm and a leg for nothing.

  • Failure to submit financial reports on-demand

If you want to know what your HOA management company is spending and where their money is going, you need to know whether they can submit these financial reports on-demand.  Your management company should be submitting these financial reports promptly and not when they are good and ready. So if you have an HOA management company that does this, then it might be time to change it before the accounting becomes sloppy or even unprofessional.

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