How to avoid stress of organising a successful Stag Do

Traditionally, the Best Man has the honour of organising a Stag Party, in order to make it an eventful and happy occasion for everyone there are some key factors you need to be aware of so it does not become a tedious chore of never-ending balls in the air catastrophe. Often, the lack of experience in this centuries old important task is underestimated as being a simple act of sending a few emails or making calls and hey presto, all done and dusted. However, for the uninitiated organising a Stag Weekend can break you, ruin your street credibility and even worse if you treat this honour too lightly. Here is a 5 stage guide to arrange and organise a perfect Stag Party Weekend that will make you, The Organiser, a legend in your own lunch hour for an unforgettable boozy but fun Stag Do.

Stage 1: Information from the Groom & Bride 

This is crucial to start the ball rolling in the correct direction, both the Stag and his bride need to express their dos and don’ts, such as, who not to invite or invite, preferred destinations and no-no events. This is usually a preoccupation of the bride regarding strippers and alike, a classic and must be taken into serious consideration. The groom’s physical condition and medical history, yes, some Stag activities could interfere drastically with the upcoming wedding. You may need support from a fellow partygoer to follow various other elements of the Stag Do, the groom has to OK this too.

Stage 2: Destination & Budget

Once you have a list of cities at home or abroad, it must then be whittled down to 2 or 3 possible choices. The trend is to go abroad for a weekend, it adds to the atmosphere and excitement. Some Stag group members may be arriving from different destinations, so, the best option is to decide on the Stag do activity budget, a decent initial figure to guarantee a proper Stag Party and more is £250 per person. Therefore, look for destinations that have an economy lower than cities like Paris or Barcelona, go for other European cities such as Krakow or Riga. Your money goes further pound for pound, these cities, for example, offer cheap beer and food compared to back home, great value and saves money on essentials.

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Stage 3: Dedicated Stag Company or Go It Alone?

Definitely with a reputable dedicated Stag Do company, preferably one based in the city of choice. This type of company can organise your chosen activities which leaves, you, The Organiser, free to enjoy the partying as much as the group and attend to the Stag without extra duties. Going it alone means you create more stress before you arrive by calling different venues and suppliers and furthermore during the Stag Do with having to meet deadlines so different activities with other companies do not overlap, stress, stress and more stress as you cannot get fully into the party atmosphere. A single company will have Guides or Reps that animate and move the Stag group from place to place while you enjoy the actual celebration. Also, the more activities you take, discounts will be forthcoming as a reward for booking so many. One activity here and there with multiple companies does not qualify for extra freebies, even if you are saving money, in the long run you will wish you had paid a little extra to be free of scurrying around to meet different company Reps and dedicate yourself more to the party celebrations.

Now you have set up everything from flight information to Stag Party activities and destination, you will have more time to exact a surprise prank of the traditional, humiliating the husband to be with the group partygoers, organise the Stag Do rules, arrange the Stag Court proceedings and figure out a way of introducing a Strip Artist without the bride knowing before you arrive at your destination.

Stage 4: Group Payments &/or Collection

The earlier you start planning a Stag Party the better it is for getting everyone to pay in on time. There is a strong chance that a party member may have to drop out or change his arrival dates, if such a case occurs it is easier to manage if you are dealing with one company but more than one, look out, stress levels on the rise again. Always read the terms and conditions regarding such changes or incidents, this can save you money too. You must display determination in collecting the payments and a helper to take charge of this essential part is a good idea. Stag companies never want to ruin the weekend atmosphere and can be flexible to a point if you are up front with the changes necessary, so, very important to communicate with the company and be aware of the T&Cs.

Stage 5: Activity Awareness

When you are on a Stag Do the beer can also flow uphill, if it is a continuous and ongoing raucous weekend in the fine tradition and custom of celebrating with a single man about to become a married man. However, there are moments that could cause concern with different activities, clearly, driving activities such as Off Road or Go-Karting, one may not be permitted to partake in the event if completely of his trolley intoxicated with a bottle of bevvy in hand too. Some restraint must be exercised for certain activities. If on the shooting range, then Rambo like actions with live ammo will not be accepted and instantly curtailed. As the organiser these aspects of behaviour should be related to the group before and during the Stag Weekend to ensure a great time is had by everyone.

The stage by stage references above, if followed, will help create a fantastic and full on action weekend for all the group. It will go down in the realms of Stag Party history and be a source of Grandad stories for decades to come plus the added advantage less or no stress on the part of The Organiser who will be revered and honoured with the occasional free pint from time to time, especially, when you meet up for a reunion.

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