How to take care of yourself after breast augmentation

what to do after breast augmentation เสริมหน้าอก

  1. Take complete medication as recommended by the doctor. and came to see a doctor by appointment
  2. Sleep with your head elevated and on your back.
  3. Cold compress from the first day after surgery 24 hours a day (there should be two alternating every 1-2 hours), 7-10 days market
  4. Eat soft or easily digestible food such as porridge.
  5. Choose to wear comfortable clothes. By choosing loose, not tight clothes, such as a shirt, because after the surgery during the intense force, the chest still feels sore.
  6. Always wear a bra. day and night during the first month to help support the breast shape
  7. Massage the breasts after surgery. to prevent hardening of the membrane surrounding the silicone This procedure should be done with caution as it may affect the wound. You should follow your doctor’s instructions.

what not to do after breast augmentation

  1. Avoid water wounds. During the first week after surgery If you want to take a shower, you can cover the wound with waterproof plaster.
  2. Refrain from soaking in water or swimming during the first 2 weeks after surgery. or until the wound is completely healed
  3. Avoid activities that affect the surgical wound. Avoid heavy lifting to prevent the wound from tearing.
  4. Avoid sleeping on your side. May result in pressure on the silicone deform
  5. Refrain from food and beverages that affect wound healing, such as slang, fermented food, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes because they may cause wound healing.
  6. Do not apply any scar cream or ointment. while the wound was still completely healed Should wait until the wound is completely healed before applying. or as advised by a doctor If the surgical wound is under the armpit Avoid using deodorizing products such as roll-ons or sprays until the wound has healed.

     If there are abnormal symptoms such as swelling, redness, blood or pus leaking out along the wound line. and has a high fever that does not decrease. Immediately consult a doctor Although the chance of getting infected after breast augmentation surgery is not much But it should not be complacent. The most important thing is to take care of yourself after surgery. According to the advice of a doctor appropriately enough.

After breast augmentation How do you take care of yourself??

Hello, my name is Aranya Namsom, a registered nurse at the Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital.

For today, 8 things you should know about taking care of yourself after breast augmentation. What’s up? Let’s see together.

  1. Taking medicines as prescribed by the doctor, there will be pain relievers, reduce swelling and anti-inflammatory drugs. to prevent infection
  2. Wrapping the bandage around the chest for 7 days to prevent bleeding. and should be changed once a day to prevent congestion and skin rash
  3. Be careful not to wet the wound for 7 days to prevent infection. But you can wipe yourself normally.
  4. Refrain from strenuous exercise for about 1 week because strenuous exercise will cause you to sweat a lot and be vulnerable to infection easily. And should avoid lifting heavy objects for about a week because it can cause inflammation in the chest area.
  5. Eating all 5 food groups to promote wound healing. Should refrain from fermented foods and all kinds of alcoholic beverages
  6. Sleep and rest enough for at least 6-8 hours.
  7. Observation of normal starvation such as having more pain in the wound or that the wound is red and swollen or has a fever If you have the following symptoms, immediately contact the hospital.
  8. Make an appointment to follow up after 7 days after surgery to check the finish. And the doctor will consider teaching me to sleep on the chest again.

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