What are Lexani’s Best Bets for 2023? Here’s What Experts Say

For many years now, more than 25 to be absolutely precise, people have relied on Lexani Wheels to deliver a banger of a series at the end of every calendar year. Till date, it has never disappointed. 2021 was a great year for this custom monster, and 2022 promises a lot more. 

To be honest, this is probably the best time for all rims makers. With rising demand across the United States and all of the other major markets, most brands are having a great business. This is especially true for the upper crust of vehicle owners. Even people who own Lamborghinis and Ferraris or Rolls-Royces and Bentleys are looking for aftermarket wheels to up their style quotient.
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Come to think of it, deluxe EVs are also having a bullish time. Normally, you would not expect Tesla Wheels to be replaced with custom ones because the former is renowned for its durability and finesse. But Tesla owners too are looking out for completely customized wheels to replace the OEMs.

As more and more electric vehicles are making their mark on the global market, their owners are coming up with innovative solutions to stand apart in what is increasingly a boring market so far as style is concerned. And there is nothing better than a set of one-off, custom-made wheels to the rescue. 

Agreed, Lexani Wheels is facing increasingly uphill competition from the likes of Savini and Enkei, besides the usual suspects like Vossen and American Racing. But Lexani Wheels are still the leaders in the especially niche custom rims market not only here in the United States but across most of the world.

We spoke with some of the pundits of the market and also analysts. For these sorts of issues, we rely on the likes of AudioCity USA (one of California’s oldest retail outlets currently in its 33rd year of operations) for verifiable and reliable information.

Here’s what we found.

These are probably the best Lexani rims for 2023

Lexani will be betting heavily on the following.

1. The CSS-15: This is the cornerstone of the ‘Concave’ series that has everyone in a tizzy. This is Lexani’s answer to the off-road masters. Part of what it calls the Sports range, the CSS-15 comes in several sizes and in so many dizzying colors that it matches anything from a Cadillac to a Mercedes and everything in between. It was first unveiled almost exactly a year ago in 2021.

Since then, the CSS-15 has embellished countless luxury vehicles. Some of them are prominently displayed on the company’s official website while some others have featured on multiple online fan forums.

The CSS-15 is geared for adventures on and off-trail and has an excellent load rating. It is a multi-piece rim that does not take anything for granted. Unlike other customizable rims of this nature, Lexani has ensured that each new set makes a statement thanks to the cool machining of the spokes and the tips of the rims.

If you are looking for a set of brand-new rims to drive home with this New Year, perhaps this model will be the first one you should have a gander at!

2. The Lust range: One of the most popular ranges of customized Lexani rims, this is the professionals’ favorite for all sorts of EVs. Looking for a high-end alternative to the staid Tesla Wheels this year? These wheels are meant just for you. With splendid machining around the entire face and especially near the hub, it is a fabulous addition to an already burgeoning range. 

Already, there is news that Tesla is going to great lengths to ensure that the bestselling Tesla Model 3 looks remarkably different from its predecessor when the latest version hits markets in 2023. Granted that many people are still reeling from the severe supply shock that Tesla Motors have found themselves in. Still, a new Tesla would do with the appropriate Lust rim.

You can easily logon to the company’s official website and get your customizations from there. With the latest AR fixtures too!

3. R-FOUR: The Lexani R-FOUR has been around for some time and has remained very popular. It looks especially good on sportscars. Incredibly, it is still going strong and will soon have a few major additions to its ranks. Lexani will be looking to launch a few more R-FOUR rims that will have a slightly punk look with several colors adorning the machined tips.

In case you missed out on the details, these are some of the most popular staggered wheels in the market. The R-FOUR comes in several different sizes and bolts but it is the staggered nature that have really made them the darling of many people around the world.

If reports are to be believed, Lexani Wheels will also add another 1-piece model to the mix. That will probably be a chrome addition to what is largely a line devoid of such ‘monotonous’ finishes according to several observers.

The chrome finish itself has several years of warranty to go with it. But it remains to be seen if the all-new R-FOUR wheels get that widespread reception that the others in its range have receives earlier.

These is the maximum that we could learn from the experts at AudioCity USA. Unless we have some more options to go with these, we are afraid we will have to wait for 2023 and see how much of our predictions actually come true!

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